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The Rescue Horse Story:
The summer of 2007 over 20 starving rescue horses arrived at the ranch.
Unfortunately the lady who rescued the horses stopped feeding and surrendered them to
the State of California several months later. The State does not have an adoption program
like it does for dogs and cats; the horses were going to be put down ...... had we not taken them in.


Sebaz Productions, STAT Horsey Hospice

October 2019

STAT Celebrates 13 Years Serving the community

August 2019


Asian Industry B@B Mixer at STAT Horse Sanctuary

May 2019


STAT Video Interview with Liz Jones

April 2019


Dave Daley Video Interview with Pattie Roberts

October 2016

Horse Sanctuary Provides Therapy

September 2016

Youth Group Day of Service at STAT

 Summer 2017

Saying Thank You to STAT

Summer 2016

STAT Sanctuary Video Interview

Karin Bradshaw Beauty Matters

Video of how STAT came to be

August 2012


Country Legends Magazine - equestrian country review
May 2010


Video Tentmakers Speakers Forum


Call our local supplier to donate feed directly
(major credit cards accepted):

Dan's Feed 951-676-4040

Open Barn & Sponsorship Appreciation Day
The first Saturday of each month 8am-Noon




One of Save The Animals Today's rescues (of the human variety)!

I ended up at STAT (Save The Animals Today) a couple of years ago. I had been laid off my job and was quite depressed. Playing on the computer became my refuge and hobby, my only exercise was 'scroll up, scroll down', needless to say I put on a few pounds.

It was September '08 that I had the opportunity to start working with the animals at STAT. Being among the animals is so soothing to the mind and soul and a great work out to boot!

Watching the antics and interaction of the different animals is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. My depression is a thing of the past, I've lost six (yes, six) dress sizes and have never felt better!

My favorite time of the day with the animals is after feeding, both in morning and evening. All is quiet except for the munching of happy animals, LIFE IS GOOD!

Sharon Carter
Murrieta, CA


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