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New Volunteer orientation is Saturday morning at 8am we work till Noon.  Hours spent volunteering at

Save the Animals Today can be used for school required Community Service.

There is a $10 processing fee for new volunteers which is applied to the purchase of your volunteer Tshirt.

Minors need a parent or gardian to sign the release of liability paperwork on first visit.

Volunteers under 14 not  accompanied by an adult require a $10 donation each visit.

Adult volunteers experienced in fund-raising activities such as acquiring Raffle items,

cash or services and Advertising sponsorships are desperately needed.

Volunteer Administrative Assistant needed.

 Volunteer hours:
8am - Noon Saturday

Sponsor  hours:
8am - Noon Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Click here for release form

Contact Pattie Roberts 951-733-3000 STAThorseSanctuary@gmail