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Wish List 2016





We need sponsors for these monthly costs:

Hospitality $200
Port-a-Potty 85
Farrier p/month 650
Advertising Sponsor 400
Printing Sponsor 200
Postage Sponsor 100

We need sponsors for these annual costs:

Ranch Insurance $1,500
Shots & Worming 450
Emergency Vet Fund
This is a very important fund as 21 of the horses are over
20 years. It cost $450-650 to put down an old/dying horse.

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We Need:

Fencing Material
Tractor Work
Arena $4,500
8 4 rail 12 ft gate panels $130 each


Vet supplies
Fly Masks
Fly spay and mister refills
Missing Link Joint Supplement
Shampoo & Conditioner
Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
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We Really NEED
200 People donating $25 p/month

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Non Profit Horse & Farm Animal Rescue 951-733-3000